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mfx’s fellow longtime DJ’s taste in music spans almost three decades of treasure hunting for music that makes your body jack. He’s been caught spinning Acid, Breakbeat, Italo, Disco, House, Elektro and then some. Good music - guaranteed!

Ukatsti Beige


“Ukatsti” could mean “f**k” in some foreign language – at least it is what it supposed to mean. A couple energized by their mutual love for vibrant electronic tunes, washes over the dull beige, replacing it with vivid splashes of color. Mixing crazy vocals, bouncy beats and deep baselines, enriching your journey with an array of bright hue.



Further solidifying themselves as the not-so-secret secret ingredient of every successful German demoparty, Team210 is striking again by introducing Schlüppi to Evoke (and vice versa)! Blending pulsating beats and hypnotic melodies, she’s set to take you on a fun and exciting sonic journey, accompanied by mesmerizing live visuals courtesy of NR4.

Lime vs. Mic


Get ready to be electrified as this dynamic duo returns! With beats that shake the ground and riffs that soar to new heights, this DJ and electric guitar combo is a powerhouse. Following their explosive debut at Geraffel Village during Chaos Communication Camp 2023, where their impromptu set echoed far and wide, they’re back for more - ready to unleash another spontaneous performance that will have you feeling the pulse of the music in your veins. Don’t miss the fusion of drum and bass with live guitar, creating a unique sonic experience that reverberates through body and soul.

Black Maiden Hi-Fi


Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group who have been spinning vinyl together for a very long time. As per tradition, the founding father of Evoke and the resident historian of the demoscene will once again team up on Sunday morning to play roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music to help you recover from the night before.


A Beginner’s Guide to Picotron

by Krystman


Join us for a seminar on the new Fantasy Workstation Picotron, hosted by Krystian Majewski. As an experienced game developer and educator, Majewski will provide a practical introduction to Picotron by Lexaloffle, the successor to the popular Pico-8 Fantasy Console. Perfect for enthusiasts and developers alike, this seminar offers valuable guidance on getting started with this exciting new platform.

Preparing your 3D Models for realtime use

by Psykon


Getting 3D Models from your modeling software of choice into a 3D Engine can be a frustrating experience. Especially to newcomers to real time graphics. Seldom are exporters and importers able to transfer all the properties of your model seamlessly and workflows which might work well between a single 3D Modeling tool and a single real time Engine, often break apart, once you try to apply it to different software.

This seminar tries to bring some clarity into this process. We’ll look at the different pitfalls usually encountered when transferring model and material data and present some general approaches on how to deal with them.

We’ll show practical examples with Blender and Foxotron, so that you can apply these approaches directly for your next entry, but the focus will be on techniques and workflows which can be applied to a wide variety of modeling tools and 3D engines.

After the presentation you should be well prepared to submit your own entries to 3D Model competitions, be able to debug common issues when exporting and importing models between applications and have some time to ask questions and discuss issues you’ve stumbled upon.

Procedural Geometry on the Gpu

by Mrvux / Desire, Rebels


This seminar will explain various techniques to generate geometry on the fly using Gpu, which have been extensively used in (all) of our productions.

I will explain how we built our geometry modifier pipeline that allows us to build massive polygonal scenes every frame from simple geometry, giving details about constraints and how we overcome them eg : triangle/quadrilaterals faces, functional matching, host shader generation, polygon attributes, reducing amount of emitted primitives and combinatorial explosion.

I will show various pipeline stages used for that purpose (vertex/geometry/tesselation, and of course compute shaders), with all advantages and drawbacks for each of those.

To finish we will expose our current work on latest features that are currently in our list (mostly getting deterministic results, de-randomization and pseudo ordering)

Workshop will be using dx11/hlsl (and some c#), but can be easily translated to other pipelines (gl/vk).