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mfx’s fellow longtime DJ’s taste in music spans almost three decades of treasure hunting for music that makes your body jack. He’s been caught spinning Acid, Breakbeat, Italo, Disco, House, Elektro and then some. Good music - guaranteed!

Lime vs. Mic


Get ready to be electrified as this dynamic duo returns! With beats that shake the ground and riffs that soar to new heights, this DJ and electric guitar combo is a powerhouse. Following their explosive debut at Geraffel Village during Chaos Communication Camp 2023, where their impromptu set echoed far and wide, they’re back for more - ready to unleash another spontaneous performance that will have you feeling the pulse of the music in your veins. Don’t miss the fusion of drum and bass with live guitar, creating a unique sonic experience that reverberates through body and soul.

Black Maiden Hi-Fi


Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group who have been spinning vinyl together for a very long time. As per tradition, the founding father of Evoke and the resident historian of the demoscene will once again team up on Sunday morning to play roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music to help you recover from the night before.