This page features hostels, hotels and camping sites in Cologne for those of you who would like to sleep in a comfortable bed.

Besides those options we can suggest for several years, we would like you to consider using one of the hotel search engines to look for “good” rates.


The PhiLeRo is situated a short walk away from the Abenteuerhallen. They offer accommodation with breakfast included.

B&B Hotel Köln-Messe & Köln-Airport

The B&B Hotel Köln-Messe is currently closed for renovation.

They also have another branch, B&B Hotel Köln-Airport, which is slightly farther away but still accessible by public transport.

Ibis Budget Köln Porz

Formerly known as Etap hotel, Ibis Budget Köln Porz is conveniently located just one tram stop away from the event location. They offer double and triple bed rooms at affordable rates.

Station Hostel

The Station Hostel is still one of the least expensive places to stay in Cologne. A bit farther away from the location but within the center of Cologne and you can get to the partyplace by public transport in less than half an hour.


If you would like to go camping during Evoke, there is a nice camping site close to the river Rhine. It is a little outside the city, about 4 km to the south. Find out more on their website.

Sleeping Hall

After being closed down for renovation until 2023, we once again are happy to offer the freshly-renovated skatepark area at the partyplace as a sleepinghall for our visitors. Don’t expect much luxury, but if a place to put your sleeping bag and a shower is all that you need, we’ve got you covered!